Aperio Productions, LLC

Egypt State of Mind


Egypt State of Mind takes the viewer on an emotional, spiritual and life changing journey to Egypt, where awe inspiring ancient wonders, along with the power of sound and ceremony, challenge the viewer’s senses with new and unusual images, sounds and experiences. This is a story within a budding sacred travel movement, an exciting trend that brings spiritually guided visitors to the most powerful energy hotspots across the earth.  Such fantastic places as Machu Picchu, Bali and the golden temples of Egypt have strong lineages in ancient civilization and ritual magic.  Egypt State of Mind shares that magic.  

 We begin with narration which highlights why people visit exotic places and specifically Egypt.  Anomalies are shown in hieroglyphs showing modern war machinery, an authentic ghostly image is shown in an empty sarcophagus and then we cut to a sequence where our heroine emerges from a ceremony of releasing anger to find that her feet are scalded red.  Emotions are set.  

The story introduces ROBBY and FARRAH, a curious, skeptical, but open minded young couple who experience the effects of spiritual energy, when belief was not their starting point.  In contrast we also meet GEORGI, a yoga teacher who is very open, in tune, and comfortable with the spiritual experience. DEBRA and TOM MARGRAVE, our tour hosts, guide the participants and share their own personal journey. 
Through sound activation and sound healing, ceremonialists JOHN DUMAS and TIFFANY TATUM use the instruments of voice, didgeridoo, and Indian flute, to entrain the modern seekers and help create a sacred atmosphere.  
 To tell the larger story we join our group of modern day pilgrims as they visit the most sacred sites in Egypt.  In the Valley Temple at the Great Pyramid and under the hot breath of the healing fire goddess Sekhmet, each traveler experiences their self in different and surprising ways. Through sound activation in powerful tribal ceremonies, each adventurer learns to connect internally and in turn, with others. Egypt State of Mind shows how we are all connected, presents the universal cornerstones of a spiritual path, and shows how positive change can be achieved by the single choice of involvement and intention. 

Egypt State of Mind shows that sacred travel goes beyond the traditional tour group and well beyond the viewer’s everyday life.  Our travelers report a sense of their own purpose and the expression of joy that amplifies out through other people.  Robby and Farrah use their trip to exotic Egypt to examine their relationship with each other and in turn all relationships.  They come back with a new awareness of who they are and how their intention and connection to others affects everything in subtle yet dramatic ways.
Egypt State of Mind uses interviews and narration to present different viewpoints and common connections of travelers on the same trip.  We hear from the more skeptical travelers, the open minded, and the guides who lead these expectant pilgrims to new experiences.  We also hear from active ceremonialists who provide the medium for exploration and change. Our story explores our fascination with the unexplained and shared spirit identity beyond culture, language, religion and belief.  Although individual perspectives vary and all personal experience is very elusive, here it is shared in an unusual and entertaining way.

 The combination of ancient landscapes, modern travelers, and a crossover of cultures that have existed for centuries creates a unique tapestry upon which to tell a story.  It’s the modern travelers, at times, that seem to be out of place, not the buildings or camel riders.  The viewer is allowed to participate in every activity.  The cinematography used in Egypt gives a personal perspective to very intimate events.  

 We see the combination of an outwardly passive landscape alongside the almost anthill-like activity of travelers to Egypt.  The camera captures the living essence of the monuments and displays their message to our group as well as the audience.

 One of the objectives in the editing process was to create a symbolic level that mirrors the connection of place and person.  This was enhanced by use of original Middle Eastern music as well as haunting vocals.

The Egyptian footage was shot in 1080i HD format using a Sony HVR Z1U camera.  The secondary camera used during interviews was a Sony HD1000U.  Final production will be full HD 1080i format.

History:  The project began with a trip to Egypt in February 2008 with a group called Sedona Soul Adventures, from Sedona, Arizona.  In May 2008 a thirteen minute test piece was finished in Sony Vegas editing software and the project was approved to be self funded by Aperio Productions LLC, an amateur group.  In September 2009 a 52 minute project was completed through internal efforts and a contract relationship with White January Productions for post production.  It was called “The Ripple Effect” and began screening feedback sessions, consulting with Chris Holland (Film Festival Secrets) for festival strategies.   The conclusion of review in December 2009 determined we were telling too many stories and had exhausted internal resources along with serious technical difficulties using the PC platform editing suite.

 Moving Forward:  Egypt State of Mind is nearing completion of recapture, for the 60 hours of footage.  Final Cut Studio is being utilized and we will be done with a rough cut mid-summer 2010.  Existing sound tracks will be utilized until a final remix is ready.  With the completion of rough cut we will interview writers with experience in compelling story telling, hire post production professionals to finalize editing, coloration, sound engineering and DVD authoring.

Target Audience and Distribution

Our target audience is predominantly the 18 to 60 year old female and their like minded spouse who watch Oprah.  These are the viewers that are open to new ideas, enjoy watching people stories, and are interested in seeing new visual images and hearing intriguing sounds and stories.

 Traditional distribution is intended through film festival exposure, on line sales of DVDs and possibly a TV spot like Discovery, etc., followed by a sequel on Sound Activation, which makes it pitch-able to cable networks. We will plan to include professional distribution services with resources in demographic and psychographic database searches both domestic and international.  Nontraditional distribution will include groups of similar inclinations such as the Integral Studies group led nationally by Ken Wilber, Unity Church, etc.