Aperio Productions, LLC

( Latin)
Literal: An open door
Contemporary: To reveal, to clarify, to find the truth. 
To provide a portal for personal growth.

We are an independent video company in Texas.  We work in HD almost exclusively.
Our stories are chosen with an eye for the message as well as the image.  The central philosophy of Aperio Productions work is to first serve those sharing their story, next serve the viewer and finally serve ourselves

Aperio Productions, LLC
O. Willis Mitchell

Current Projects


"Egypt State of Mind"

Egypt State of Mind is the product of a journey.  Our Producer/Director participated in a tour to Egypt with a sacred travel agenda, to explore new connections for himself.  What he found was a surprising story that facilitated one's own curiosity for self knowledge, which gives the project purpose as well as definition.  The experience also inspired an already growing love for looking through a lens and capturing the stories around him. 

This film is what he saw watching other travelers experience their own emotions, a variety of spiritual connections, and in one case, a life changing journey.  The viewer gets to share the experience through the same images and sounds, but voyeurism is amplified when the instruments are turned to the camera and the viewer becomes the participant. 

The common thread which makes this project most viable is the shared fascination with the unexplained.  Egypt is an archetype of mystery and the unusual instruments, ceremony and shamanic explorations create a moment of self reflection that "this is also possible for me".  Inspiring others to their own self actualization is the unveiled destination.

Status: Final Editing


"Faith Mind"
Faith Mind is the complete reading of the Hsin-hsin Ming, by the 3rd Patriarch of Zen Buddhism, as translated by Roshe Richard B. Clarke.  His translation is the most popular because of it's poetic presentation.  It also features commentary and a conversation about history and non-ordinary thinking. 

"When all things are seen equally, the timeless self essence is reached"

Status: Post Production


”Sudden Awakening”
Sudden Awakening is an epoch of gigantic proportion.  It is at once historical, emotional, heart wrenching and wise.  It's magnitude  contains three generations of odyssey, three generations of love and loss, balanced against awakenings which expand awareness.  The central odyssey is the story's last generation.  In it an old man fulfills his ife's purpose and reflects on how destiny violently directed his life, against his will.

Status:  Screenplay Development